What is E-Ticket?

With the growing inventions in the operations of the airline businesses, now e-ticketing system is introduced by many of the major airlines. This system allows the passenger to travel without having a paper ticket and removes the worry of leaving your ticket behind. Many of the major airlines offer this facility. Whereas the bringing of Governmental issued passport is compulsory for the passengers.

How often Airfares change?

Airfares changings occur with the change in time. The changings in rates can be from day to day or even within a day or after a month. TicketAF continuously updates the latest fares for the convenience of its customers.

How I can insert the name of other passengers for Booking?

The matter of fact is that on the page of booking we only require the name of booking person, against which we start processing by contacting with the customer and get whole info.

How I will come to know about confirmation of my Booking?

After getting a booking request, the customer care of TicketAF contacts with the customers within 24 hours limit. The mode of contacting can be a phone call or through email.

Is my Personal Information safe?

TicketAF collects the necessary information from the customer either for the payment references or for the bookings. So in every context the collected information is solely used for the relevant purpose and their security is assured by the team of TicketAF.

Am I allowed to stay few days onto a Stopover Ticket?

If a customer wants to stay into the stopover country then he should first check the permissions in form of visa for that country, after which the customer will be allowed if the hosting Airline Company also facilitates according to the context. For more information you can freely ask at Contact us.

How I can cancel my Booking?

In case of cancellation of a booking or changings in the reservation, the customers are required to contact with the team of TicketAF on the given addresses. Please Note that all of the changings and cancellations are only applicable before the due date of departure.

Are changings made onto Reservations requiring fee?

One time reservation changings are allowed free of cost but depending upon the days and airline company policy. On the second change the customer will be charged a fee for the amendments in ticket reservation.

When I should call for Changings in my Reservation?

ICustomers are required to contact with the team of TicketAF before 72 hours of departure in case of making reservation changings. This will help the team to better serve the customers.

What is the Refund Policy of the TicketAF?

Most of the airlines issue the tickets on Non-Refundable basis under which the customers are not allowed to cancel their reservation and get back their payments. For more information regarding this matter customer can contact with the team of TicketAF.

Do you deal in Flights and Tours other than Pakistan?

TicketAF is the platform only provides ticketing and tourism services from Norway to Pakistan but our other wings of partnership ( American Holiday, Ready2Go, Reise , Dykke Bazaar ) facilitate the customers for destinations other than Pakistan.

Is Travel Insurance compulsory for me?

It is not compulsory for the customers of TicketAF to get a Travel Insurance Policy, but if a customer wants to do that then he/she can avail policy on his/her own behalf.

What is the Location of TicketAF office?

What is the Location of TicketAF office?
Norway Office
Dronningens gt 23, 0154 Oslo Norway
Tell: +47 21 38 20 60
Email: info@ticket.af

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